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The Kurukhs are fond of reduplicating syllables for example : 
Arbarparbar – neighbours
Ayanbayan – delirium
Banai banai ke - thoroughly ; from the Hindi tana bandke.
Bilbilna - to clear up
Bilbilamba’ana - to shine dimly
Bhukur bhukur - violently
Chadgad-na-pudgad - a good-for-nothing fellow 
Chatchatrna - to crackle 
Chehechehelam - vehemently
Chikhchikhirna - to sob 
Chiyam chiyam-ba’ana’ - to chirp
Chorokh chorokhrna - to suck 
Dihir dihirna - to stamp 
Doropor0o - vice 
Dhundur-musur - negligent, naked 
Fadfadrna - to cackle 
Ghachpach - surprised, perplexed 
Handhandrna - to become empty 
Hudr hudrna - to make a snapping noise 
Hurukjuruk - enchantment 
Irsi birsim - different, sundry 
Jerem kerem - with all ones might 
Julpulhem - early in the morning
Jhakjhakrna - to glitter 
Jhalang jhulung - staggering 
Jhankar jhunkur - reeling, staggering ; 
Kalab katabrna - to be in want of food; Hindi kalapna.
Kalkalamba'ana - to tease
Kankanamba'ana - to irritate 
Konkro bonkro - crooked; also konko bonko, Bengali banka, bent 
Kundrmundr - protest
Lambar luwbur - quickly
Laram lurum - greedy 
Hundrhundra - wide
Luplupra’ - trembling
Nohortohor - preserving
Olkhna chinkhna - lament 
Pulniphlni - spft
Sorad sorad - carelessly
Tbapathupu - flat footed
Ulukbuluk - confounded
Urupuru - straightway 


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