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Armor of mortality

Mc Lican Ekka, Raipur


Morality~ Morality! Today’s generation calls it absurd. The last generation exclaims on hearing about morality today, for they don’t know, where to search for it. Then what about the coming generation? Take it for sure, they will never hear for it. A bitter but true fact!

    Morality is fast getting evaporated from today’s hot society with students caring the least for a good moral character, and people making the least efforts to regain the high standards of Morality of our past – our futru I think is in peril.

So, then what is the need of the hour? No doubt, it is the proper development of students. They being the future of India, need to be nurtured well. Their future has to be safe-guarde with the “ Armor of Morality”. But then, who is supposed to work for this? For sure, it’s neither their parents, nor their teachers. Only they themselves have to strive for it! For this, they need to know what this Armor is like. How’s it going to protect them? How are they going to get his Armor?

    The only way is submission to god’s will. A will to preserve for truth. A will to give up bad habits contaminating the body and soul. A will to help others and love one another, what so ever be the cost. A will to forward with the motto of “Truth, Love and Service” other than oneself. A will to follow the right path always, even undr hazardous situation.

   Finally by accepting God, our creator as personal guide for life.

    All this seems difficult, but it is not actually so. It is only an attainable task, when we ponder to the grave danger we will have to face in future, glitteriing than endangering it?

    Jesus Christ once said, “ What if you gain whole world and lose your own soul.” Our society, fast drifting towards materialism, needs to have a real ‘llk back’ with a proper sense of urgency for “if charaxter is lost, everything is lost.”



सरियारका अनआ-रितआ गही मूँली पाँति

कुँड़ुख़ कत्था नम्है अयंग कत्था तली, इन्नु कच्छखरना महिबा गही कत्था तली।