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Ashwin Ekka, Raipur


1. Father : How was your English Exam?

     Menu : Fine Dad. But I didnít know one question?

Father : Which one?

Monu : I didnít know the past tense of think. I thought thought thought and finally wrote thunk.


2. Rajan : Renu Refused my proposal for marriage.

John : Why? Didnít you tell her about your rich uncle in Mumbai?

Rajan : Yes, now she is my aunt.


3. Mother : Tom, why are you crying?

Tom : Teacher slapped me.

Mother : Why?

Tom : She asked me that where is Taj Mahal but I did not know?

Mother : Anyway, but you should remember the place you keep your things.


4. Student : What is Kangaroo?

Teacher : It is a native of Australia.

Student : That means, my sister has been married to a Kangaroo.


5. Tom : How did you come to know your roof leaks?

Alec : Actually, I was sitting under it and I was having a soup but I was not able to finish it.



सरियारका अनआ-रितआ गही मूँली पाँति

कुँड़ुख़ कत्था नम्है अयंग कत्था तली, इन्नु कच्छखरना महिबा गही कत्था तली।