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Social, Cultural And Economical Dimension

Society And Culture

2. Religious Faith
3. Festivals
4. Amusement: Songs, Music And Dance)
5. Humanistic Attitude


Physical Appearance

7. Occupation And Economical Status
8. Medicine And Treatment
9. Households

उराँव लोक-नृत्य, संगीत और वाद्य-यंत्र

10. Fire, Fuel And Oven

Gotras or Totem system

11. Geographical Dimension
12. Miscellaneous


Tolong Siki Script

Kurukh script, which is called "Tologn Siki" has been developed and produced for public use after a long time hard work and research by the Kurukh scholars. 'Tolong Siki', means 'Tied Sound'.         Read more...

Language Protection Tips

Language is the base of any society cultural, economical and social development of the society. Kurukh language is our identification, who represents our society as well as our people. Hence, it is our responsibility to protect and develop for next generation.       Read more...

Know Oroan People of the world

India is the primary country, where Oroans are  residing, but now they are found in other countries, such as Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, USA, Australia, England, Marisus etc.           Read more...

Personal Websites

If you would like to have your own personal websites for your family, business, matrimony, knowledge and any other informative pages, than we can fulfill your needs by providing 5 MB web space absolutely for registered members only.        Read more...