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Who are we?

The formation of "KurukhWorld Yahoo Group" in July 9, 2006 was the spontaneous response of Kurukhs, who live different places and work different type of jobs in whole over world; sought to have an own Gateway to safeguard, serve and enhance the interests of the Kurukh Community of the world. This way, our website was lunched on Dec 11, 2009. Now this website is being a gateway of our community; most of our ethnic people are joining our mission.

          'KurukhWorld' is the first and only one website among Oroans in the area of Internet till today.It has been tried to collect and keep information from every kind of Kurukh Society. Modern days, Oroans people found in everywhere in the world, therefore they are effected from the atmosphere of their residing place. One side, some Oroans presented them as Hindu  and their life style as well as religious activities also are being as Hindu; and another side, some Oroans has been adopted Christianity and their life style has been changed some manner. Even though, more Oroans are keeping their life style as earliest religion called 'Sarna' and earliest culture.  According to the time, place, religious believe, culture and economic status it may be possible differences between them; but they all are offspring of the same ancestors, and thus they all are Oroans. Earliest religion, sacrament, culture and Kurukh language are the gifts, history and identity of the Oroans, which are given from their forefathers. With knowing, learning and giving importance, continuous efforts should be maintained to develop those. For someone, it may be feeling difficult to believe, accept and implement every primitive theology. They must do as their internal spirit; but to know and learn these elements, and efforts to safeguard these rituals are admirable.

           In keeping view impartiality with the all Oroans of the world, the objectives of the 'KurukhWorld' are to make unity among them and aware about their rights, efforts to safeguard these rituals; and the miniature contributions in the area of development of Kurukh language. All Oroans are equal within 'KurukhWorld'; there are not any spaces for inequality, hatred and soreness outlook to anyone. Any of the Oroans and those, who are interested to enhance or help Oroan people about their religion, customs, life style, culture and language, are welcomed to the 'KurukhWorld'.


Mission, Goal and Work

The goal is to provide excellent range of internet resources; as custom, tradition, culture, ethics, history, language, literature, news and more... of our Kurukh Community and to safeguard , to enable communication between people of the community and to enhance the quality of social life by helping to ensure deepen ties between ourselves in all over world. The truth for the betterment of ourselves and our children, ensuring that future generations remain Kurukh. We have been developing kurukh fonts, software and language resources to enhance our Kurukh Language. We devote a great deal of our time and money developing, maintaining and updating this website. We are always looking for people interested in joining our mission to achieve this goal.