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Singi Dai Fonts 2.0(Size : 619 kb)                          

This software package, contains four true type fonts Singi,  Singi Thin, Singi Bold and Singi Italic. It is revolutionary new thing to manage your document and other activities in Kurukh scripts.

2.   Kurukh Sp01.2(Size : 5.93 MB)                               

Learn kurukh language within 30 days with the help of this software. Principles of the language, Kurukh letters, Grammar, General Knowledge with full of attractive graphics. alled Tolong Siki. Tolong Siki is approved by Ranchi University.

3. Hindi Fonts(Size : 348kb)                                      
This software package contains  KurukhWorld Hindi fonts and other fonts, used for developing web pages of KurukhWorld website. All these fonts are True Type Fonts.
4. ebooks