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Singi Dai Fonts

Product Name : Singi Dai Fonts 2.0

Author\Developer : Nemhas Ekka
Released date : August 25, 2008
Publisher : KurukhWorld

Distribution :  Unauthorized distribution prohibited, this product will be used by the members.



(For members use only)




User License

All copyrights about Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 and its parts exclusively belongs author - Nemhas Ekka.

  1. Anyone may use Trail/Evaluation version software as long as they wish, but they can't use upper case scripts of the keyboard during  test period. if they wish to continue using Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 they must purchase full version.

  2. Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 Trail version may be distributed, with exceptions noted below, provided the distribution package is not modified. If you are using an evaluation basis you may make copies of the evaluation SOFTWARE as you wish; give exact copies of the original evaluation SOFTWARE to anyone; and distribute the evaluation SOFTWARE in its unmodified form via electronic means (Internet, BBS's, Shareware distribution libraries, CD-ROMs, etc.). No person or company may charge a fee for the distribution of this software without written permission from the copyright holder. It is not allowed to distribute the program and its documentation files separately.

  3. Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 spreads by principle "AS IS" herewith no provided any warranties, evident or implied, you can use it by your own risk. Not author, not his accredited agents do not carry any responsibility of lose data, damages, lose or any type of loses, connected with using or misusing this software.

  4. You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, transfer the licensed program, or any subset of the licensed program, except as provided for in this agreement. Any such unauthorized use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this license and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.

  5. To purchase Full Version of Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 software, just connect to http://www.kurukhworld.org download Full Version Software and contact to  sales@kurukhworld.org. You will receive a Full Version license code that will unlock the installation program. Once purchased full version Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 software, you are granted a license to use Singi Dai Fonts on one computer at a time. Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 Full Version software may not be rented or leased.

  6. Author may change this license for any following version of the program, all rights expressly not  presented here, are reserved  by Nemhas Ekka.

  7. This License is effective until terminated. Customer may terminate this Agreement at any time by uninstalling Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 and deleting all its files. This License will terminate immediately without notice from Developer.

  8. Installing and using Singi Dai fonts2.0 signifies, that you understand and acceptance of these terms and conditions of the license.


If you disagree with the condition of given license, you have not install this software or delete files form your media and stop further use of Singi Dai Fonts 2.0.

  1. Easy Install and Un-install program using the simple step by step installation wizard..
  2. Decorated and Handwriting Scripts.
  3. Easy Install and Un-install program using the simple step by step installation wizard.
  4. Help and support files with Phonetic/Typewriter Layout of Fonts..
  5. Choose any different designed fonts on the Formatting Toolbar, available in Kurukh, Hindi and English Languages..
  6. Easy to uninstall either from Start Menu  and Add-Remove Programs..
  7. Quick Start Tutorial.
  8. Support to Windows 98, Me, XP, 2000, Vista
  9. Shortcut Key for Characters.
  10. Less disc space..
  11. Trail and Full Version software.


You can install Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 form a CD-Rom or Downloaded SDFonts.2.0.exe file form the website. To Start the installation, insert the CD-Rom into your PC's CD-Rom Drive and click the installation option, or Click the SDFonts2.0 exe file from the downloaded file form your PC. Now Follow the instructions given below:
  1. Click 'Install' Button on the Welcome Screen.
  2. Click 'NEXT' Button on the Screen.
  3. Enter your software serial number in given box and 'Click' Next. This screen not comes on Trail Version).
  4. You must read and accept the license agreement before continuing.
  5. You must read the given information about the software and click 'NEXT'.
  6. If you do not want to use default directory for a shortcut icon, either type a new name, or select an existing folder from the list and Click 'NEXT'.
  7. Setup will be installing files in your computer.
  8. Click 'Finish' to end the setup.
  9. See the Shortcut icon on the desktop named 'Singi Dai Fonts 2.0', Now Click Window 'Start' button and click 'Singi Dai Fonts' Shortcut Folder and view shortcut icons of the different files. If you view Shortcuts, than understand setup will installed successfully, otherwise try again.


You can perform un-installation process from the following options :
A. Program Start Menu
  1. Click Start > Programs > Singi Dai Fonts > Uninstall 'Singi Dai Fonts 2.0'.
  2. Uninstall program ask you for confirmation for un-installation, Click 'YES'.
  3. Uninstall will removing 'Singi Dai Fonts 2.0' from your computer.
  4. Uninstall will tell you that the process has been completed! Now Click 'Close' to finish.
B. Add-Remove Program.
  1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  2. (If you are using Windows XP, use the Classic View of Control Panel.)
  3. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
  4. From the list of Currently Installed Programs, select 'Singi Dai Fonts 2.0'.
  5. Click Change/Remove. If you click Change, you need to click Remove in the window that opens.
  6. Follow the instructions 2-4 of un-installation process option A. Program Start Menu on the screen until the program files are removed


Note: When you uninstall Singi Dai Fonts 2.0.remove its fonts of the Windows manually, if required. , because fronts are located on system directory and can not deleted by the un-installation process. Sets of the 'Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 are : 3D_Line, Free Hand Script, Binko, Binko Bold, Binko Italic, Binko Condensed, Binko Decorated, Binko Hand Script, Poon, Poon Hollow, Poon Cursive, Poon Cursive Bold, Singi, Singi Bold, Singi Hollow, Singi Italic, Singi Thin.

For a brief description of Singi Dai Fonts 2.0, see the help file.

Please contact us using the information on our web site at: 
Please contact us using the information on our web site at: http://www.kurukhworld.com
Email : sales@kurukhworld.com ,      or


Singi Dai Fonts 2.0 Writer Copyright 2007 by Author, 

All rights reserved. KurukhWorld

Email      : sales@kurukhworld.com

Author: Mr. Nemhas Ekka

Published by : KurukhWorld  

email: nekka@kurukhworld.com

Software deigned by  Mr. Nemhas Ekka