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Syntax of Tolong Siki
Numrals, Ordinals & Cardinals
Masculine & Faminine Nouns
Most Common Adjectivies
Pronoun Words
Different Type of Verbs


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1.Numerals, 2.Ordinals & 3.Cardinals

Complete list of numerals from one to one hundred :
     Kurukh                         Meaning
Old               New               English
Munddoye ond      Mundee ond        Thirty one
Munddoye end      Mundee end        Thirty two
Munddoye mund     Mundee mund       Thirty three
Munddoye nakh     Mundee nakh       Thirty four
Munddoye panche   Mundee panche     Thirty five
Munddoye soye     Mundee soye       Thirty six
Munddoye saye     Mundee saye       Thirty seven
Munddoye akh      Mundee akh        Thirty eight
Munddoye noye     Mundee noye       Thirty nine
Nakhdoye          Nakhdee           Forty
Nakhdoye ond      Nakhdee ond       Forty one
Nakhdoye end      Nakhdee end       Forty two
Nakhdoye mund     Nakhdee mund      Forty three
Nakhdoye nakh     Nakhdee nakh      Forty four
Nakhdoye panche   Nakhdee panche    Forty five
Nakhdoye soye     Nakhdee soye      Forty six
Nakhdoye saye     Nakhdee saye      Forty seven
Nakhdoye akh      Nakhdee akh       Forty eight
Nakhdoye noye     Nakhdee noye      Forty nine
Pandoy            Pandee            Fifty
Pandoy ond        Pandee ond        Fifty one
Pandoy end        Pandee end        Fifty two
Pandoy mund       Pandee mund       Fifty three
Pandoy nakh       Pandee nakh       Fifty four
Pandoy panche     Pandee panche     Fifty five
Pandoy soye       Pandee soye       Fifty six
Pandoy saye       Pandee saye       Fifty seven
Pandoy akh        Pandee akh        Fifty eight
Pandoy noye       Pandee noye       Fifty nine
Soydoye           Soydee            Sixty
Soydoy ond        soydee ond        Sixty one
Soydoy end        soydee end        Sixty tow
Soydoy mund       soydee mund       Sixty three
Soydoy nakh       soydee nakh       Sixty four
Soydoy panche     soydee panche     Sixty five
Soydoy soye       soydee soye       Sixty six
Soydoy saye       soydee saye       Sixty seven
Soydoy Akh        soydee akh        Sixty eight
Soydoy noye       soydee noye       Sixty nine
Sayedoye          sayedee           Seventy
Sayedoye ond      sayedee ond       Seventy one
Sayedoye end      sayedee end       Seventy tow
Sayedoye mund     sayedee mund      Seventy three
Sayedoye nakh     sayedee nakh      Seventy four
Sayedoye panche   sayedee panche    Seventy five
Sayedoye soye     sayedee soye      Seventy six
Sayedoye saye     sayedee saye      Seventy seven
Sayedoye akh      sayedee akh       Seventy eight
Sayedoye noye     sayedee Noye      seventy Nine
Akhdoye           Akhdee            Eighty
Akhdoy ond        Akhdee ond        Eighty one
Akhdoy end        Akhdee end        Eighty tow
Akhdoy mund       Akhdee mund       Eighty three
Akhdoy nakh       Akhdee nakh       Eighty four
Akhdoy panche     Akhdee panche     Eighty five
Akhdoy soye       Akhdee soye       Eighty six
Akhdoy saye       Akhdee saye       Eighty seven
Akhdoy akh        Akhdee akh        Eighty eight
Akhdoy noye       Akhdee noye       Eighty nine
Nayedoye          Naydee            Ninety
Nayedoye ond      Naydee ond        Ninety one
Nayedoye end      Naydee end        Ninety tow
Nayedoye mund     Naydee mund       Ninety three
Nayedoye nakh     Naydee nakh       Ninety four
Nayedoye panche   Naydee panche     Ninety five
Nayedoye soye     Naydee soye       Ninety six
Nayedoye saye     Naydee saye       Ninety seven
Nayedoye akh      Naydee akh        Ninety eight
Nayedoye noye     Naydee noye       Ninety nine
Dayedoye          Oddee             One hundered 


Complete list of from first to one hundredth :
Kurukh                              Meaning
Old               New               English
Munta or Ondta    Onta              First
Endta             Endta             Second
Mundta            Munta             Third
Nakhta            Nakhta            Fourth
Panta             Panta             Fifth
Soyeta            Soyeta            Sixth
Sayeta            Sayta             Seventh
Akhta             Akhta             Eighth
Nayeta            Nayeta            Ninth
Doyeta            Doyeta            Tenth
Doye munta        Doye onta         Eleventh
Doye endta        Doye endta        Twelfth
Doye mundta       Doye munta        Thirteenth
Doye nakhta       Doye nakhta       Fourteenth
Doye panta        Doye panta        Fifteenth
Doye soyeta       Doye soyeta       Sixteenth
Doye sayeta       Doye sayeta       Seventeenth
Doye akhta        Doye akhta        Eighteenth
Doye nayeta       Doye nayeta       Nineteenth
Endoyeta          Endeeta           Twentieth
Endoye munta      Endee onta        Twenty first
Endoye endta      Endee endta       Twenty second
Endoye mundta     Endee munta       Twenty third
Endoye nakhta     Endee nakhta      Twenty fourth
Endoye panta      Endee panta       Twenty fifth
Endoye soyeta     Endee soyeta      Twenty sixth
Endoye sayeta     Endee sayeta      Twenty seventh
Endoye akhta      Endee akhta       Twenty eighth
Endoye nayeta     Endee nayeta      Twenty ninth
Munddoyeta        Mundee ta         Thirtieth
Munddoye munta    Mundee onta       Thirty first
Munddoye endta    Mundee endta      Thirty second
Munddoye mundta   Mundee munta      Thirty third
Munddoye nakhta   Mundee nakhta     Thirty fourth
Munddoye panta    Endee  panta      Twenty fifth
Munddoye soyeta   Mundee soyeta     Thirty sixth
Munddoye sayeta   Mundee sayeta     Thirty seventh
Munddoye akhta    Mundee akhta      Thirty eighth
Munddoye nayeta   Mundee nayeta     Thirty ninth
Nakhdoyeta        Nakhdeeta         Fortieth
Nakhdoye munta    Nakhdee onta      Forty first
Nakhdoye endta    Nakhdee endta     Forty second
Nakhdoye mundta   Nakhdee munta     Forty third
Nakhdoye nakhta   Nakhdee nakhta    Forty fourth
Nakhdoye panta    Nakhdee panta     Forty fifth
Nakhdoye soyeta   Nakhdee soyeta    Forty sixth
Nakhdoye sayeta   Nakhdee sayeta    Forty seventh
Nakhdoye akhta    Nakhdee akhta     Forty eighth
Nakhdoye nayeta   Nakhdee nayeta    Forty ninth
Pandoyta          Pandeeta          Fiftieth
Pandoy munta      Pandee onta       Fifty first
Pandoy endta      Pandee endta      Fifty second
Pandoy mundta     Pandee munta      Fifty third
Pandoy nakhta     Pandee nakhta     Fifty fourth
Pandoy panta      Pandee panta      Fifty fifth
Pandoy soyeta     Pandee soyeta     Fifty sixth
Pandoy sayeta     Pandee sayeta     Fifty seventh
Pandoy akhta      Pandee akhta      Fifty eighth
Pandoy nayeta     Pandee nayeta     Fifty ninth
Soydoyeta         Soydee ta          Sixtieth
Soydoye munta     Soydee onta       Sixty first
Soydoye endta     Soydee endta      Sixty second
Soydoye mundta    Soydee munta      Sixty third
Soydoye nakhta    Soydee nakhta     Sixty fourth
Soydoye panta     Soydee panta      Sixty fifth
Soydoye soyeta    Soydee soyeta     Sixty sixth
Soydoye sayeta    Soydee sayeta     Sixty seventh
Soydoye akhta     Soydee akhta      Sixty eighth
Soydoye nayeta    Soydee nayeta     Sixty ninth
Saydoyeta         Saydee ta         Seventieth
Saydoye munta     Saydee onta       Seventy first
Saydoye endta     Saydee endta      Seventy second
Saydoye mundta    Saydee munta      Seventy third
Saydoye nakhta    Saydee nakhta     Seventy fourth
Saydoye panta     Saydee panta      Seventy fifth
Saydoye soyeta    Saydee soyeta     Seventy sixth
Saydoye sayeta    Saydee sayeta     Seventy seventh
Saydoye akhta     Saydee akhta      Seventy eighth
Saydoye nayeta    Saydee nayeta     Seventy ninth
Akhdoyeta         Akhdee ta         Eightieth
Akhdoye munta     Akhdee onta       Eighty first
Akhdoye endta     Akhdee endta      Eighty second
Akhdoye mundta    Akhdee munta      Eighty third
Akhdoye nakhta    Akhdee nakhta     Eighty fourth
Akhdoye panta     Akhdee panta      Eighty fifth
Akhdoye soyeta    Akhdee soyeta     Eighty sixth
Akhdoye sayeta    Akhdee sayeta     Eighty seventh
Akhdoye akhta     Akhdee akhta      Eighty eighth
Akhdoye nayeta    Akhdee nayeta     Eighty ninth
Naydoyeta         Naydee ta          Nintieth
Naydoye munta     Naydee onta       Ninty first
Naydoye endta     Naydee endta      Ninty second
Naydoye mundta    Naydee munta      Ninty third
Naydoye nakhta    Naydee nakhta     Ninty fourth
Naydoye panta     Naydee panta      Ninty fifth
Naydoye soyeta    Naydee soyeta     Ninty sixth
Naydoye sayeta    Naydee sayeta     Ninty seventh
Naydoye akhta     Naydee akhta      Ninty eighth
Naydoye nayeta    Naydee nayeta     Ninty ninth
Daydoyeta         Oddeeta           One hundredth 



Ort – one(masc.& femi.)
Orti – one(femi.)
Ortos – one(masc. only)
Ort’sin – one(masc.)
Ortos gahi – of one
Ortos ge – to one
Ortos ti – from one
Ortos nu – in one
Irb – two
Irbar – two(masc.& femi.)
Irbarin - two(masc.& femi.)
Irbar ti – from two
Irbar gahi – of two
Irbar nu – in two
Irbar ge – to two
Nub – three
Nubar – three(masc.& femi.)
Nubarin – three
Nubar ti – from three
Nubar gahi – of three
Nubar ge – to three
Nubar nu – in three
Naib – fout
Naibar – four(masc.& femi.)
Naibarin - four(masc.& femi.)
Naibar gahi – of four
Naibar ge – to four
Naibar ti – from four
Nibar nu – in four
Ond & onte – one(neuter)
End – two
Mund – three
Nakh – four
Ulenr(d) – two days
Ulmund – three days
Undul – one days
Ontan ontan/onte onte – one one, one by one
Nub’nubti – threes
Irb nu orot – in two one
Mund nu onta – in three one
Ulmund nu undul – every third day
Par’end – twice
Per’mund – thrice
Duhra – twofold
Tihra – threefold
Bari – times
Panche bari – five times, five fold
Ondanta/ondta – the first
Endanta/endta – the second
Mundanta/mundta – the third
Nakhanta/nakhta – the fourth
Panta – the fifth
So’eta – the sixth
Sa’eta – the seventh
Akhta – the eighth
Na’eta – the ninth
Do’eta – tenth
Endo’eta - twenteith
Munddo’eta – thirteith
Nakhdo’eta - forteith
Pando’eta - fifteith
So’edo’eta - sixteith
Sa’edo’eta - seventeith
Akh’do’eta - eighteith
Na’edo’ta - nineteith
Da’edo’ta – one hundredth
Kuri/biso’e – score
Ond kuru/ond biso’e – one score 


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