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Syntax of Tolong Siki
Numrals, Ordinals & Cardinals
Masculine & Faminine Nouns
Most Common Adjectivies
Pronoun Words
Different Type of Verbs


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Mund/mundbhare – before, in front, ahead, hencefoth
Khokha/khokha nu – behind, after
Mainya – above, over, in, on
Kiya – under, below
Ula – within, inside, in
Bahri – without, out, outside
Nu – in, among, in the midst of
Madhe nu/majhi nu – among, in the midst of
Gusan – with, at the side of, near, by
Gane – in company of, with, along with
Bari – together, with, during, whilst
I pakhe – this side
A pakhe – that side
Adda nu – instead, in lieu of 
Uiji nu – instead, in lieu of
Leke – by, through
Tule/tulem – through, by means of
Be’la – without
Chaki – together, with
Gusti/gustile – of, away from
Tile/tule – by, through, by means of
Tru/tri – by, through, by means of
Gu’ti – until’ till, up to
Jala – as for as, until, up to
Tara – towards, in the direction of
Birdo/birdo nu – opposite, against, contrary to
Bare/bare nu/babat – with regard to, concerning, about
Khatri – on account of, for
Chadde – for, an account of
Begar – except, without
Chhorae’ke – except, without
Ambna – to leave
Lekh’a – like, similar
Ender akho’e/ne akh’o/nekh’o – who know
Ender nanoy/ender nanon – what’s to be done?
Ender nant’adai – what are you going to do?
Eka guti..mala..a’ guti – unless
Annuhun – neverthless 


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