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Idiomatic Phrases(मुहावरा)

  1   आस अख़अम बलदस (He knowing not knows)
    Meaning: he does not know at all.

इय्यन्ता अम्म एन्गा गे मला पच'ई(Of this (place) water to me not digests).


Meaning: The climate of this place does not agree with me.


आद आल उइया/उज्जिया(She man revived).

Meaning: she has married a second time.
  4 बई उला अम्के बआ(Inside the mouth do not speak).
    Meaning: Do not speak indistinctly.
  5 कोहा बइ अम्बा नना(A large mouth do not make)
    Meaning: Don't assume a proud air.
  6 आस तंग्है ओमन्  चोदस(He raises his honour).
Meaning: He is ambitious.
  7 आस ढुकु मंखियस(He received an entering one).
    Meaning: He has taken a concubine.
  8 आस गही एख़ एंगन कज्जिया(His shade pressed on me).
    Meaning: He has favored me.
  9 हुल्लोन्ती हुल्लो गूटी(From end to end)
    Meaning: Ever more.
  11 नड़ी  अम्बा हूँ मल अम्बी(The fever even leaving not leaves him).
Meaning: The fever never leaves him.
  12 आस चिआ हूँ मला चिअदस(He giving even not gives).
  He never gives at all.
  13 एन जिया ख़क्खकन(I soul have found).
Meaning: I have taken courage. 
  14 आस एंगन ख़न्न कोंड़ा ती हूँ मला एरदस(He does not see me even with a corner of his eye).
Meaning: He takes no notice whatever of me.
  15 आर लण्डी लोहाड़ी ओन्नर(They eat a lazy breakfast).
Meaning: They take breakfast very early.
  16 आस मला चिअनुम चिअदस(He in not giving gives).
Meaning: He gives unwillingly.
  17 आस ओन्गा हूँ पोलदस(He even being able is unable).
Meaning: He is absolutely unable.
  18 आद ख़द्द पाकिया(She took child into her lap)
Meaning: She gave birth to a child.

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