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Words And Phrase

Compound Words
Time Reckoning
Idiometic Phrase
Totemistiic Clan And Sects

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Compound Words
Aydbaba - (mother, father) parents 
Pachbalar - (the old folks) the departed spirits 
Khadd kharra - (child and offspring) family
Addomekkhd - (oxen and domestic animals) cattle
Chalibali – the homestead
Addi padda - citizenship
Arpapali – home with campus
Akka balka - (known and unknown) mistakes, faults
Arkha chenkhel - herbs and vegetables
Arkhibor’e - country spirits
Bitthi begari - predial services 
Ulla makha - day and night 
Chichch-chep - (fire and rain) the deluge
Irka ipka - sweepings 
Jokh erpa - the clubhouse 
Jokhar pellor - the young people
Kukkchapo - noon, midday 
Birputta – sunset,again and again 
Khal Ukhri - cultivation
Khed chappo - forenoon, south 
Merkha khekhel - (heaven, earth) world 
Olkhna chikhna - lamentation (and crying) 
Pachcho pachgi - old people
Punji patti - wealth 
Addo gohla - (ox and yoke) requisites for agriculture 
Eret charo - (bow and arrow) requisites for hunting 
Mandi amkhi - a good fare, food 
Gard dord - broken ground 
Bel khadd - prince, royal child
Bel erpa - king's house 
Jiya kdya - soul and body, the whole man. 

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