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Words And Phrase

Compound Words
Time Reckoning
Idiometic Phrase
Totemistiic Clan And Sects

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Numerals, Ordinals, Cardinals
Masculine & Feminine Nouns
Most Common Adjectives
Different Verbs
Saiha – expression to friendship among boys and girls
Embas – my father(plural : emba baggar)
Nimbas – your father(plural : nimba baggar)
Nambas – our and your father(plural : namba baggar)
Tambas – his and their father(plural : tamba baggar)
Ingyo – my mother(plural : ingyo baggar)
Ningyo – your mother(plural : ningyo baggar)
Tangyo – his mother(plural : tangyo baggar)
Engdas – my son(plural : engdar, engda baggar)
Ningdas – your son(plural : ningda baggar)
Tangdas – his son(plural : tangda baggar)
Engdadas – my elder brother(plural : engdada baggar)
Ingris – my youger brother(plural : ingri baggar)
Engdai – my elder sister(plural : Engdai baggar)
Engda – my daughter(plural : engda baggar)
Ingri – my younger sister(plural : ingri baggar)
Engnasgo – my elder brother’s wife
Khadro – my younger brother’s wife(used only addressing her)
Bae’alas – my husband’s elder brother
Bae’ali – my husband’s elder sister
Erkhos – my husband’s younger brother
Erkho’ – my husband’s younger sister
Ekh’lagos – my elder brother’s son
Ekh’lago’ – my elder brother’s daughter
Engjajaunkhaddis – my son in-law
Engskhero – my daughter in-law
Ba’ras – bridgroom
Engbaras – my elder uncle
Engkakas – my younger uncle
Engmamus – my mother’s brother
Engtachi – my father’s elder sister
Engmusi – my mother’s younger sister


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