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Time Reckoning
Kher chinko beri - when the cook crows. 
Bijo biri/bijta'a – at dawn
Chuhchuhya chinkho biri – when the birds begin to chirp
Julpulhem – early morning befor sunrise(when the birds begin to chirp)
Ch’o biri – at rising time     

Beri argna beri - at sunrise

Pairi pairim - morning, early

Gohla pundna bera - time to yoke the oxen

Landi lohari - early breakfast

Lohari beri - breakfast time

Kukk chappo - midday, noon.

Arti beri - afternoon, water-fetching time

Ekherna/elekherna beri - when the sun inclines

Beri puttna bera - at sunset.

Birputta - the whole day, from morning to evening

Ukhna beri - at dusk

Khurti beri - supper time.

Khurti binko beri - the time of the evening star, late supper time     

Chuto’ beri - time to go to bed.

Makha -night

Adha adhi makha - mid night

Etngali - previous year

Kerka Chan - passed year

Edna - current year

Enna – today

E Chan - current year

E Chando - this month

Ulla ulla - daily

Ekka Ulla - which day

Ekka  Chando - which month

Chero - tomorrow

Horbhore -coming second day

Aa horbhore -coming third day

Nel benja - coming second day

Aa nel benja - coming third day

Jolpolhem - early morning

Mun ene -passed earlier seccond year

Urmi bera - Usual


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