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Membership features overview are given as follows:

Membership Plan Bronze


Gold** Platinum** Diamond**
1 Amount Free 100/- 250/- 400/- 1200/-
2 Membership Period undefined 1 year 3 year 5 Year Life Time
3 Secured Account Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 5Mb Web Space with Sub-Domain(One) No No. Yes Yes Yes
5 Web Building No No Yes* Yes* Yes*
6 Database Access Full Full Full Full Full
7 Download Resources Limited Limited Full Full Full
8 Website Access Limited Limited Full Full Full
9 E-Magazine in Kurukh(Half Yearly) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 New Year/Festival Greetings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Register Register Register Register Register

Tips:  1. * Web will be designed, when it will be requested by the member. .

        2. ** To take a paid-up membership; You would go through the membership procedure.

        3. Above features can't be substitute of your fee. You may register in the sense of donation to the interest of

           our society. Your money will be utilized to achieve our aims, objectives and doctrines.