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It is for minor products that we find greater concern among the Oroans. The Oraon household includes such items as mats, cots, wooden stools, baskets, cups, plates, cushions, rope, mortar and pestle and oil presses. All of these are made from forest products. Hunting implements such as bows and arrows, axes, doulies, slings, spears and swords are made from forest products with iron. Similarly, fishing tools such as baskets and traps of various kinds are made of bamboo. Fishing nets are made of twine. Specially the bamboo made fishing cage is very attractive. Umbrellas are made with the handle and ribs of bamboo covered with gungu leaves. Even the hooded waterproof coat is made of the gungu leaves. Grinder is made from Stone and its handle made by wood.   Measuring pots called Awdka is made

from the aluminum and copper. They use Sabbal and Ghana(Big hammer), which are made from Iron. Most of the metal works are done for agricultural purpose, hunting and weapons. The Kurukh people would like to use  bamboo for making baskets, hunting & fishing equipments.Bomboo of Netarhat in Jharkhand is very famous, becouse these bamboos are thin in shape and strong and flexible.  Kurukh tribes are fully depend on Lohar for metal households, Turies for bomboo households and Kumars for mud made pots.



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