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Physical Appearance

1. Appearance.

Sir H. Risley states, that the "color of most Oroans is the darkest brown approaching to black; the hair being jet-black, coarse and rather inclined to be frizzy. Projecting jaws and teeth, thick lips, low narrow foreheads, and broad flat noses are the features characteristic of the tribe. The eyes are often bright and full, and no obliquity is observable in the opening of the eyelids." "The Oraon youths," Dalton states, "though with features very far from being in accordance with the statutes of beauty, are of a singularly pleasing class, their

faces beaming with animation and good humour. They are a small race, averaging 4 feet 5 inches, but there is perfect proportion in all parts models of symmetry. There is about the young Oraons a jaunty air and mirthful expression that distinguishes him from the Munda or Ho, who has more of the dignified gravity that is said to characterise the North American Indian. The Oraon is particular about his personal appearance only so long as he is unmarried, but he is no hurry to withdraw from the Dhumkuria community, and generally his first youth is passed before he resigns his decorative propensities.

2. Tatoos

Kurukh women use tattos on their body along with metallic ornaments. They believe that all ornaments are human made and are mortal. Therefore they invented tattoos as permanent ornament. Majority of Kurukh woman have tattoos called Godna, on their bodies. They have three parallel vertical lines on the forehead which form a distinctive mark, and other patterns on the arms, chest, knees and ankles. However, Kurukh man also use Godna. They make five deep marks on the lower part of his arm.


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