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Milan Mohanta, Odisha
Jolie Kujur, Mumbai
Shri Budhdeb Oroan
Neetisha Xalxo, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Shri Ratan Kumar Toppo, Chennai
Shri Sanir S Toppo
Shri Jakmak Ekka, Lohardaga

Shri Linus Kujur, Piazza della Pilotta 4, 00187 Rome. ITALY

Shri Rupesh Jastin Lakra

Mr. Alok C  Kerketta, Sr.Executive, Hr/NEX BHEL Ranipur, Haridwar

Shri Binu Viswambharan Kani,  Trivendrum, Kerala

Shri Jiten Lakra, Assam

Shri Bhubneswar Baxla, Chennai

2) A. They don’t understand the importance of their language and culture and hence they don’t respect their language and culture.

   B. Probably their language and culture is not going to fetch them bread and butter hence, instead of promoting, they are discouraging their wards to learn it.

3) Effect of masala Bollywood/media culture (Fashion, hindi cinema and hindi TV serials) 

Probably all these reasons either singularly or together or some more reasons leading to loosening our identity and acceptance of the Aryan culture and traditions (Though they are still the foreigners for the aborigines) including the acceptance of their social evil traditions such as Dowry system and bar dance culture etc.  Then how much it is correct to blame the govt. only for loosening our IDENTITY? I personally feel, it is just as like BIHARIS for their backwardness blame for each and every thing to Central Govt. 

Similarly, if we consider the second point on migration of tribal woman and girls to metropolitan cities for “domestic servants” Though “The tribal women command tremendous dignity and honor in their respective tribal socio-cultural frame-work” However still why they are migrating? Probably answer may be similar. Perhaps we educated people ourselves do not feel pride in our traditions, agriculture work and culture. There is no Displacement for industrialization in Gumla, Simdega and Khunti etc. But most of them are from these places. Why not our torch bearer religious institution teach us our tribal ethical values and cultural values that it is no way lessor than other traditions in their school and colleges in the MORAL classes.

Shri Sushil Kumar Minj, Sambalpur
Shri Ramkisun Kujur(Uroan) Inaruwa , Sunsari District, Nepal
Shri Pankaj Kumar Bhagat, Pune, Maharastra

I was surfing today and i came accross this site & am really happry that this site exist wherein anyone can express their idea or share there experience with kurukhar. I have not yet joined the group due to some technical prob of my PC. Internet is one of the best & effective communication method to reach out to people across the world. I found this site as very useful. Only problem is that people are not aware of this website. We need to unite and educate people (kurukhar) to share and promote kurukh language so that our unique identity can be protected.

There are lot of educated kurukhar available all over india and especially in metropolitan city.But these kurukhar live in isolation and never socialise for improvement of our social networking. Since the kurukhar staying in these cities are not well connected so its not possible to share their thoughts and experience with other kurukhars who are staying in same city. I stay in pune and i am desperate to meet kurukhar in my city. I usually search in net. Their is no formal meeting of kurukhar staying in pune.I know many kurukhar may be staying in the city but to my surprise i have not been able to connect with them, except my relatives.There was one informal meeting, i fortunately could join in, i found, to my surprise, no one uses our Kurukh bhasa to communicate friends or collegue. I also found some of senior citizen who are well versed with it (kurukh) but has not taught their ward this unique and distiguishing Kurukh.I also noticed , Kurukhar are not simply interested to socialise and try to hide therir proper identity. This is also applicable to those who are well off and have good financial status and very well educated despite knowing that its on the verge of disappearance. I will share one recent experience which i had, while traveling from Pune via mumbai to ranchi. There was one gentle man in my compartement travelling with his family. Initially we had formal chat. since I have one kid (girl)who was playing with their kid.we got along very easly.After introduction, we discussed many things. Through out journey I and my wife use to chat in Kurukh. our journey was of around 28 hours. I enquired about their stay and job in mumbai where that gentleman used to work.During entire journey we (me & my wife ) use to converse in Kurukh. Our conversation, was mainly related to our family and relatives. I find myself comfortable to chat in Kurukh with my wife since co-travellers cann't understand what we are talking about.one important thing i would like to tell you is that my wife learnt Kurukh after we got married,and i always use to converse in kurukh with my wife irrespective of her proficiency, so slowly she leart and now she is completly fluent and confident.When we were about to reach our destination, that gentle man disclosed that he is also Kurukh. I was shocked!, i enquired that why he never disclosed in journy, he simply smiled and got away. we, then came out from station and on the way my wife wanted to know why kurukhar are like this. i was unable to answer my wife's query. The reason for conservativeness is not quite clear but i guess this is because they are not confident enough to accept and happily tell that they are Kurukhar.Educated kurukhar try to hide their identity even to another kurukhar. even they are not so open to share their identity, then how we can expect that they will promote and teach Kurukh to their children.Educated Kurukhar are in different world, their Job and status has become their symbol and identity which is fake and temporary.what is the use of such status and symbol when you have lost your originality.what is the use of education which cann't event protect our culture and language. The education which we have, is only for livelihood. Real education to our children will be to teach our ancestral traditional and cultural heritage so that it can be carried forward generation to generation. if we dont do this, day is not far away that our children will loose their total identity. How they will find their matrimonials? Do you think other caste will accept simply.No!. Latest trend you will find is that Kurukhar have started omiting ther surnames to further hide their caste and community. i ask , why?. How can you omit your origin ? How can you forget to write your surnames. I feel there is no gain in hiding or ommiting your surname. Infact there is no harm in continuing with your surnames which were given by yor forefathers. At least by using your surnames , you can retain your identity. so first step towards promoting kurukk and protecting kurukh culture is to use your surnames. so that where ever you will go your name will be remembered. Think about Kartik Oraon! If he had used simply Kartik, what would have been happened.so one should not forget to use their surnames. Do you know all south indians add their village names along with their fathers & grand fathers name?. why are we ashamed of using our own? This may lead to crisis like All Kurukhar hiding their identity.

Situation and survival will be difficult. so kurukar pl dont hide your identity and tell the whole world that you belong to kurukh community. Teach your wards, our culture ,language, and traditional festivals.Also teach your children to teach kurukh to their siblings so that they can teach their generation to come.

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