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Donation Process:

Many people are desirous to help/work for betterment of Kurukhs(Oroans). But they have not time/manpower to work for that things. We devote a great deal of our time and money developing and maintaining this website, we have develop various ebooks, kurukh fonts, kurukh software and utilities. So, any people interested in joining our mission are greatly appreciated. Any man can donations by the Internet Banking or deposit directly to the local branch of SBI to this account details :

A/C Name: Letare Ekka                                                                                     Account Number: 10906089067                                                                             Branch Code: 7237                                                                                                   Bank: S.B.I. New Shanti Nagar, Raipur

When you deposited your donation, please send your deposit receipt details, name, address, email and  other details to admin@kurukhworld.com for our record purpose. If you want to be a registered member of our website, please tell your opinion about it. We will create your account shortly and it will be sent to you within 10 days.


How are donations used?

Don't worry, your money would be spent on following manner :-

  1. Domain and Hosting fees
    KurukhWorld website runs on a dedicated server that costs over 3000 per year and have two domain names over cost Rs.1800 per year.
  2. Website development & maintenance:
    Developing and maintaining website takes time. We regularly paid to designers and developers to improve user interfaces of the website, Kurukh fonts, ebooks, e_magazine and software utilities.
  3. Enhancement and safeguard Oroans and Tribal people.

  4. Advertising
    A portion of the earnings is spent on advertising to spread theKurukhWorld and let even more people know about this site.


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This portal has Excellent range of information about Kurukh(Oroan) Tribes, their culture, tradition,  history, language, literature, news and more, visit regularly.
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