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1. Who we are?

The formation of "KurukhWorld Yahoo Group" in July 9, 2006 was the spontaneous response of Kurukhs, who live different places and work different type of jobs in whole over world; sought to have an own website  to safeguard, serve and enhance the interests of the Kurukh Community.

2. What is the goal?

The goal is to provide excellent range of internet resources; as custom, tradition, culture, ethics, history, language, literature, news and more... of our Kurukh Community and to safeguard , to enable communication between people of the community and to enhance the quality of social life by helping to ensure deepen ties between ourselves in all over world. The truth for the betterment of ourselves and our children, ensuring that future generations remain Kurukh. We are developing kurukh fonts and software resources to enhance our Kurukh Language.

3. Is KurukhWorld Yahoo Group(forum) different from this website?

KurukhWorld Yahoo Group is the part of our website. But it is lunched in system and server of Yahoo, although Controls are in our hand. Members of the forum can share their own views and thoughts with other members of the group.

4. Are there secured pages in the website?

Yes, There are some secured pages in our website, where only registered members can visit and access information. These pages are separated in "Members Area". Corner.

5. How can I be a member of the website?

Any man can be a member by paying a nominal membership fees/donations for registration. It can be viewed in details on "About Us" page of this website.

6. Do I need a User ID and Password to access secured pages?

Every registered members have their own User ID and Password to access secured pages. These are provided by the KurukhWorld to the members.

7. How are donations used?

Donations would be spent on domain, hosting, website  development, maintenance, kurukh software/fonts, advertising and any other work, which will be required for enhancement and safeguard Oroans and tribal people.

8. What are the benefits of registered members ?

Members have to power access secured information, free download, free email ID with POP3/SMTP facility, free website hosting and they are entitled to receive half yearly Kurukh e_magazine.

9. What are other features of the website ?

There are more free information available in our website, such as Cultural and Language related articles, free download, Kurukh learning chapters and KurukhWorld News etc.

10. How can I be a part of KurukhWorld ?

Any man can be a part of KurukhWorld by following manner: 1) Becoming a member of forum and website user,  2)Sending donation (always gratefully accepted), 3)Sending articles, 4) Telling Friends and relatives.

11. Are there Kurukh Pages in the website?

Yes, "KurukhWorld Literature" Corner cantains some pure Kurukh pages, which are written in devnagri scripts.

12. I would like to make a donation by check/draft or money order, is that possible?

You should send email to "sales@kurukhworld.com" requesting details to send check/draft or money order.

13. ThankYou!

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This portal has Excellent range of information about Kurukh(Oroan) Tribes, their culture, tradition,  history, language, literature, news and more, visit regularly.
Register the KurukhWorld Community portal. Registered members have a lots of authority to access, publish, download and more... Register now?

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